Letters of understanding...

This is not a normal post. It is a request. I am writing a book of letters to help others understand what we go through, to see through our eyes. A book to let others know how they can help us, or how they possibly hinder or hurt us.

For example:

Dear Doctor,

I know you have great medical knowledge, but the way you dealt with me, when I told you I am recovering from being sexually assaulted, it hurt. You are a male doctor and it is hard for me to come see you and trust you. Yet, you are the one, when I told you, who put out his leg to stop the door from completely closing, as if I was the perpetrator…

The letter would continue as I explain how he could be of help. That is just one example of a type of letter I could write, and a true story which happened to me.

If you would like to share a person whom you would like to write a letter to and why, you may share in the comments or use the “Contact Me” form. I will not disclose your name or contact you. I will simply use the suggestions given to me to share our voices with the world.

Thank you for considering sharing your experiences to help other survivors. I will let you know on this blog when the book is up for sale. Also, shameless promotion: stay tuned, because I have a different book/journal coming out soon!



2 comments on “Dear…

  1. Sounds like an amazing book ! Good for you !


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