Thankful on Christmas

This Christmas I’m waiting on the Lord. I have no idea what He has in store for my life, but I know He’s going to keep providing for me. I am thankful today for what He has blessed me with-things I often forget to tell Him thank you for. Continuing to provide money for therapy and daily living during this time of recovery. For the fact I still have my home and a place to sleep. Providing me energy and time to volunteer and give back even on days I feel I have nothing left.

I may not have earthly family to celebrate this Christmas, but I do have Jesus here with me. He’s providing me strength during not only today, but every day I face.

This Christmas thank God for what He is providing you as you recover. Praying you make it through the holidays this year.



(C) 2019 All Rights Reserved. Susan M. Clabaugh

I am a former elementary school teacher and now I own a small business helping kiddos with dysleixa. I am also still in the process of recovering from years of sexual abuse and rape. I feel God has led me to write this for my own healing, and to share with others who have been through the trauma of sexual assault.

2 comments on “Thankful on Christmas

  1. Merry Christmas to you, Susan.


  2. To you as well. Thank you.


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