God and Sexual Assault

My Prayer for You

Father God,

Today as I was driving home from the store I stopped at a stoplight. I looked up at the fluffy white clouds across the blue sky. The sun was shining through them and I had the thought, “What if Jesus came back right now? What would that look like?” I don’t even think I could describe the beauty we’ll see when He returns, but some days I long for that day to come, don’t you?

So, today I just want to say a prayer over you. Over your healing, your journey, and all you are encountering to get better amid these crazy times in our world today. I sincerely wish you all the best my dear friends,


prayer for you

Father God,

I come before you today to ask for you to guide each person who is reading this. Shower them with your blessings so they can feel your love. Each person needs healing and though they may wish for you to heal them all in an instant, we know your plans are different.

As you take them on a journey to that healing, teach each of them along the way. I ask you shine through to them in the dark times, the dark and lonely days and nights of being a trauma survivor. Provide the comfort they need and long for when no other people are around.

Remind them you never leave of forsake them, ever. Bring to mind all you have done for them when the world seems to be closing in. Remind them they have nothing to fear because you are with them. You have an ultimate plan for their lives and in your time all will be revealed.

May they continue to seek you and your will as they go through each day. Remind them that this journey is a marathon and not a sprint. What they are doing to work through their traumatic events will be used in this life or in eternity. Nothing is lost when done with you.

Thank you for loving every single one of these precious people who have endured more evil than most can imagine. Hold them close today and in each day to come. We love you.

In Jesus Name I ask all of this,


© 2020 Susan M. Clabaugh. All Rights Reserved.   

I am a former elementary school teacher and I am currently in the process of recovering from a childhood of sexual abuse and rape. I am pursuing God's will for my life right now which involves following various writing endeavors and working on some publishing. I feel God has led me to write this for my own healing, and to share with others who have been through the trauma of sexual assault.

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