God and Sexual Assault

Being Light in the Darkness

Will you tell your story?

My guess is as a trauma survivor you empathize with others better because of what you’ve gone through and show grace because of it. Which gives a new understanding to the grace we’ve been shown by God.

At my church’s food pantry that I work at twice a week right now, we have many people coming through with stories that break your heart. People are losing jobs, losing family businesses, struggling to school their children while working or looking for work, a couple are even living in their cars. You know the list goes on and on.

As the person who takes names as they come through, the people tend to share their hearts with me. They just need someone else to know the struggles they face. Yesterday one woman that has been coming through shared with me her dad passed away last week and she is struggling to even get out of bed most days. She already lost her job at the beginning of the pandemic. I felt for her. I have lost my job and know the struggle to wonder how God is going to provide.

I have also had days where I could barely get out of bed or didn’t get up. I connected her with the counseling center we have on our church campus. I shared with her that I go to counseling every week. She asked if it helps and I told her, “Most definitely.” She said, “Then I’ll for sure give it a try.”

I didn’t share much of my story with her, but enough that she knew I could relate to where she was. I was able to empathize with her and her struggles.

Maybe there’s someone out there who needs to hear your story. Are you willing to share it and be obedient to God in doing so? It can be scary, yet gratifying.

Today let’s ask God to help us as we share our stories and try to be His light in this world of darkness and craziness.

Father God,

I want to be Your light in this world. There is so much darkness right now it feels oppressive and heavy. Use my story to bring Your light to others who need to hear hope. Thank you for reminding me of the hope I have in you.

In Jesus Name,


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