Prayer For Our Nation

Father God,

Today our country is divided. Many have strong feelings about the change of power. But God, we know You are ultimately in control. May we remember we are all human beings whether we are Republican or Democrat.

I pray You bless our nation, our leaders, past and present, and guide all decisions. We know our time on earth is limited and that eternity is what matters. May those who know You bring You glory and praise so that we can all turn to You. You are the only One who can heal our nation and break division.

We ask You to do this, and bring peace to our land. Thank You for the reminder You are in control through the beautiful sunrises and sunsets lately. Pour Your love on us today and in the days to come.

In Jesus Name,

(C) 2021 Susan M. Clabaugh. All Rights Reserved.

I am a former elementary school teacher and now I own a small business helping kiddos with dysleixa. I am also still in the process of recovering from years of sexual abuse and rape. I feel God has led me to write this for my own healing, and to share with others who have been through the trauma of sexual assault.

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