Love Letters from God

Love Letters from God

Dear Child,

I reread my writing because God speaks to my heart through it. Most of the time I don’t remember writing it. Reminds me Who’s in charge. I needed this post from last year right now, so I pray it resonates with you as well.

Dear Child,

Each day is a struggle for you. I see you grasping for something to hold onto. You cry out to Me and I hear you though you say I am silent. You crave human touch. You want someone to hold you and tell you it will be okay. That they love you despite all that has happened in your life and each day that is filled with pain.

I want you to know I understand you cannot feel My touch like you want to. I am not physically there in the sense you want someone to stroke your hair back from your face or wipe your tears as they fall, but I am there with you. I have not left just because you cannot feel me. I have been with you and will be with you every second of your life. I know you want a real hand to hold, but I promise if you call out to Me I will be not just a hand, but all that you need.

I will provide for you in ways you can never imagine. I understand your emotions. I understand your physical pain and longings. I can fill you spiritually. I grasp your hesitance and inability to trust and take in My love. Know that this does not mean I will give up on you.

If you were the only one on the earth I would not love you any more or less than I do at this very moment. The same I have loved you since I first knit you together in your mother’s womb. You are beautiful and lovely. I see who you are in the depth of your soul. I know who you long to be in Me and that you are striving to heal. My child, do not give up. I have great plans for you.

Do not worry about your age or what the world says you should be doing. Take each minute of each day as a gift from me and know I have the most patience with you as you learn to understand My great love and grace. I will walk with you on this earth and when you reach My glorious home here in heaven I will welcome you with the arms you long to feel.

Pay no attention to how the world asks you to identify yourself. You are who you are because I am in you. Once you can accept this you will find great freedom in life. I know this time of year is difficult for you but remember the reason you celebrate. I sent you My Son to save you so we can have a wonderful relationship and spend eternity together.

Celebrate this. Embrace those who need to hear about Me and share with them this great news. Always remember I am with you whether or not you can feel Me. When you think no one understands know I understand even more than you. Rest in knowing this today my child. Take in this love letter from Me.

You are always in my loving arms,









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