God and Sexual Assault

Happy Easter!

Roll That Stone Away!

Jesus is Risen!

This Easter the world keeps saying that we won’t be able to celebrate Easter because churches aren’t open. However, they don’t realize the church isn’t a building but the people. Those of us who are followers of Jesus know why we celebrate today.

It’s because Jesus is Risen indeed! He died a sinner’s death on the cross for you and me and overcame death by rising again on the third day! Praise God for sending His son for each of us! May we share His goodness, love, and saving grace with a world who is hurting. May we pray and see revival sweep our nation and world in the coming days and weeks!

On this Easter Sunday I wanted to share a song with you that a church I attended always used to sing. It’s called “Roll That Stone Away”, and I hope it blesses you today!

Roll That Stone Away


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